5 Steps to a Great Portfolio

Getting into your favorite Art, Design, Fashion or Architecture university may be easier than you thought with us.

Some background on the founder:

e5-portfolio is the brainchild of Stephen Preece.

Stephen recently retired from teaching and has no need to work. After having spent his whole life in schools as either a student or teacher he quickly realized that one gets hooked on sharing and that is why he is now mentoring and coaching teens and young adults.

He came to teaching early. In fact he knew that he wanted to teach from about the age of 17. Way back in 1972 he was called to the careers masters office for the obligatory interview. Stephen still recalls the conversation distinctly: the careers master asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted his job. It should perhaps be explained that Stephen was a long haired, pimple faced youth with attitude who had never done a homework in his life. The careers master persuade the conversation by asking why he wished to teach to teach to which Stephen replied because you get 6 weeks vacation in summer. It was at that point that Stephen was thrown out of the careers office never to return.

Now the careers master in question was out of order on two counts: firstly he was paid to deal with slightly obnoxious adolescents and secondly if he had asked the obvious follow up question then Stephen already had a clearly reasoned answer. The question the careers master should have asked was and just why do you think that you need two months vacation? Stephens response would have been that there were very few jobs that allowed one the time to step back far enough to get ones life in focus.

So the moral of the story is be careful who you take advice from. Surround yourself with good people and get yourself a great coach. Anyone performing at a high level has either undergone coaching or, more usually, is still being coached.

Of course Stephens experience is primarily academic and therefore it is hardly surprising that he has surrounded himself with a team of people whose experience is also industrial.

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