e5-portfolio deliverables helping students to become:

clear in their strategy for university whilst being well in self

capable of drawing recruiters attention

stand out global citizens who are aware of their responsibilities to self and others

confident, creative and critical thinkers who are action orientated

self defining whilst putting that focus into an authentic portfolio

autonomous learners capable of leading or working in the group

knowledgeable about the creative industries that attract them most

e5 programme enables its members to design the next chapter of their lives with clear purpose and authentic alignment, cutting through the clutter of what can be viewed as an overwhelming process.


We have built e5-portfolio with the specific task of supporting schools and students to enable them to prepare top portfolio’s for entrance to the very best universities in Art/Design/Architecture. Those who follow our program will be better in themselves at the end of the process and fit for purpose.

Typically our clients are high school students who want to get into the top Art & Design/Architecture schools in the world. Their problem is that they are adolescents not knowing how to put an exceptional portfolio together and how  to apply to get accepted every time. They lack a clear understanding of self, the interview skills and the portfolio necessary to be considered by the world’s best programs. We help them by equipping them with a clearer concept of self, the right skills, and the confidence to make them stronger, fitter candidates. Putting them in a position to get accepted by the worlds best.

Notre clientèle est typiquement composée d’élèves du secondaire qui désirent être admis dans les meilleures écoles de design et d’architecture. Ce sont encore des adolescents et, la plupart du temps, ne savent ni comment créer un portfolio qui les distinguera du lot ni comment poser une candidature qui leur garantira une place. An d’être considérés par les meilleures écoles du monde entier, ils doivent apprendre à avoir plus d’assurance, à maîtriser les techniques d’entretien et à organiser un portfolio.

Nous allons les aider à accomplir cela an de leur assurer une place dans les meilleures écoles.

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