5 Steps to a Great Portfolio

Frequently asked questions
The cost?

The real question should be do you want a top portfolio which will get you into the university of your dreams? Once achieved you can network at a higher altitude and this could well have implications for the rest of your life. So can you really afford not to make the investment in your own future?


It is easy to fill our agenda’s the art is to free them up and to learn to work close to our optimum. This programme was designed by someone who was a Head of Year for the IB years  in one of the worlds biggest international schools. Stephen is fully aware of the time constraints that examination systems place upon students. The programme can be taught via distance learning and is built to be flexible enough to adapt to the individual students learning styles and time constraints.

I have never studied Art?

Don’t worry we have placed people who have never done art before in the top universities. Recently Stephen got one such case into UAL at degree level who did not even have a portfolio. That individual chose to do the Foundation course and is of course developing a portfolio – in his case through film.

I am not a confident person

Neither was Stephen who suffered greatly from shyness as a child. This programme had been written to help you find self, your strengths and attributes and to assume them whilst projecting them to others in the form of a portfolio. One of the results of this 6 month process is a much greater degree of self confidence.

Why 6 months and not 6 days?

You cannot find self, identify your strengths, develop them and amplify them through a portfolio in 6 days. Whilst recognising that your lives are busy a 6 month period has proven to be optimum for this process. Of course it is really a life long process but we recognise that we can do the ground work in 6 months and the testimony of the students who have passed through our hands prove it.

The university of my dreams offers week long workshops?

Beware these courses do not impact upon acceptance at university. They are not designed around you, you fit into a preconceived programme. These programmes assure the use of the facilities during vacations and enhance the cash stream for the university. Let us be clear : nobody can claim to run a portfolio preparation course in the space of 1 week accept at a very superficial level.

Why not 12 months?

Because you have other things to do with your life. The human species does not multi task very well and you already have a full agenda if you are still in school. If on a gap year then you can use the rest of the time to get a job, work experience, perfect a language, travel etc. There are courses which last 9 months but this is a waste of both time and money as many of you will already be accepted at university at the end of the 6 months.

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