Stephen Preece


Founder of e5-portfolio

BA Hons; PGCE, MSc.,



Stephen is highly qualified and has oceans of experience when it comes to mentoring the next generation of creative learners. He is passionate about his role and he believes that no two learners learn in the same manner. He has therefore designed a programme which provides each member with the tools that they need to develop their own authentic portfolio. Stephen is of the opinion that the well being of student should go hand in hand with the quality of the portfolio.

Katya Kaftanova


BA diploma



Katya is a young and dynamic member of the team. Accepted to every university she applied : Central St Martins London, Glasgow Scotland and HEAD Geneva. Katya’s skill sets and experience make a real difference to the balance of the team. Her at e5 we believe that the diversity implicit in the e5-team equates to its strength and Katya’s role in driving e5-forward is an important one. Katya is a high performer whose skills of communication with learners are enhanced by having great mastery of contemporary IT skills at her command.

Patrick Parquet




Diplôme national en communication visuelle de l’Ecole Supérieure d’Arts et de Design. Atelier de typographie national de Peter Keller (Paris et Bâle) Agence de publicité: 22 ans d’expériences en direction de création et direction artistique dans le groupe DDB France (Omnicom US) et MNSTR Paris pour des grandes marques. 5 ans de direction d’une école de design ( Interactiv design, Design d’espace, Fashion). Intervenant en master et partenaire de l’école des Gobelins en innovation digitale ( N° 5 international pour le digital, n°1 pour l’animation). Fondateur de workshop-DINP, pour l’innovation des entreprises avec les nouvelles générations.

Patrizia Azzi




Patrizia has been educated both in the arts and in science,  choosing to be a research physicist as a profession, (staff research scientist at INFN working at CERN). She joins the team at E5 bringing in software support skills for the project management. Having extensive experience in mentoring student of various levels through her career (plus being a mother of three) she’ll also provide the members with technical support and additional skills in the digital world that will be used during the portfolio preparation process. University application, creation of CV etc.

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