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The Information Age / How to Find the Job That Suits You



The e5-portfolio programme was written specifically to help adolescent creatives transition to adulthood and from school to top universities around the globe.

Setting the scene:


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In a world where there is no guarantee that humans will be required to work then it seems prudent to look over our shoulders in order that we can make sense of the present and prepare for the future. It should be remembered that it is only recently that the concept of being paid for employment has been accepted. The Romans thought that paid work was beneath them whilst by the end of the Middle Ages


Renaissance painters were highly paid for something that they loved doing. Despite these facts the world has developed to the point that many people do work that they do not actually enjoy and most lives are still spent working on boring, physically arduous, or inappropriate tasks This could change for future generations as robotics and AI make inroads into the workplace and education becomes widespread and lifelong.


Skill sets :

Skill sets such as creative and critical thinking are now given great kudos alongside communication skills and capacity to lead or work within a team. This was not the case when many of us were children with little emphasis being placed upon these skill sets in our formal education. Indeed the terms transferable or soft skills was never mentioned or touched upon in our learning. These do, however, form the basis of this programme and will better equip any participant to make their way in both the workplace and life. So how do we start to find a job in an increasingly competitive world? We should start first by identifying our own strengths, capacities and the things that give us the greatest satisfaction. From there we can set coherent goals based approach which aligns with our own profile and needs.


We here at e5 have developed a 5-Step programme which leads to an authentic portfolio so it will come of no surprise that step 1 deals with identifying oneself through a series of profiling exercises. After which each member is well placed to explore the pathway that will lead them to their ultimate goal.


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These exercises are not like most tests. Tests are usually developed to work to a norm, here at e5 we do not believe that any two learners are the same. The norm does not apply here. 


Tests examine the known and we are preparing unique beings for the unknown. 


To clarify if we are looking for paid jobs which are fulfilling and will help give meaning to our existence then it makes sense that we must first identify our own strengths and aptitudes.



Asking a 15 year old what they want to do in life was never easy, but when the options were few it was easier. Now it is an impossible question to answer. We need to ask first what are you good at and how can we plan to get paid to do the very job that employs your skills sets, passion and interests. 


The difficulty is that our brains are pretty good at getting us through the day but terrible at knowing self. So this is where we help with a series of quick exercises which help each e5-member ask the right questions of themselves. 


We are not trained to search for satisfaction nor work to which we are best suited but if we don’t plan for ourselves then we are at the mercy of others planning. All of us deep down have both the experience to know ourselves and identify our strengths but the difficulty is that our thoughts and experiences are scattered. So we with these exercises we aim to pull the threads together and weave them into fabrics which might just be life determining.


In brief you, as an e5-member  will become an expert through practise when it comes to defining and refining your own life.

Written by Stephen Preece 

Geneva, Switzerland

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Creativity is no longer an option, it's a life skill,

The e5-Art Portfolio Team

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