From Date - Oct 05, 2020

We hardly needed Covid19 to remind ourselves that more of the same at any level will simply not suffice. The human species has never before had to face the difficulties of demographics, aging, climate change and pandemics on this scale before. A much greater emphasis on non-declarative learning is the order of the day if the generations to come are to change our order of living. We have little choice but to embrace change in a world where our systems of governance and finance are failing. The gap between the rich and the poor is increasing even in the world's richest nations, much of what we do is morally bankrupt and simply unsustainable. The need for change should not be in question, it is the quality of the change that is indeed the question.

We at e5 argue that adaptive and creative citizenship through education on a global scale is the only sustainable way forward if we are not to jeopardise the future of civilization as we know it. By creative citizenship we mean the development of better educated, active, self expressive citizens whose allegiance is not just to self and family but to the betterment of the human and other animal species. Unger refers to this as a society where we can all live a larger life.
For those who doubt the effectiveness of education let us take the example of just one problem facing the human species that of the population explosion. The worlds population has tripled in the space of the author's lifetime to over 7.5 billion. It is projected to bottom out at around 10-12 billion. Stephen Emmott would have us believe that at that point there is no hope of averting environmental and social disaster brought about by overpopulation. I prefer the camp of the late Hans Rosling who believed that we can manage this but only if we educate the world's population. His reasoning is that in every educated society across the globe the population is in decline. This is irrespective of culture, religion, region or any other factor. Educate the world's population and you are effectively well on the way to eradicating the problem of population growth.

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Here at e5 we train our members to be solution orientated, to be brave enough to call for a new world vision. We argue that we are on the cusp of a new society where every life could be that of a creative life. Here we are talking about lives within which the owner is the author of their own destiny to a degree that was not possible to previous generations. e5-members first define what this means for them before turning their attention to their "larger life".

Written by Stephen Preece 

Geneva, Switzerland

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