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The premise of this little text is do not plan on that Eureka moment often under the pretext that “I am the perfectionist” and must wait for that perfect moment. The Eureka moment is often exaggerated and its importance overstated. The apple did not fall on the head of Newton but it makes a good story. Those Eureka moments in history rarely happen in isolation and usually stem from the work of others and not just the name of the one they are attributed to. If you do not believe me then can you tell me who invented the computer?

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Right from prehistory we have worked together as tribes to move the species forward.The rate of progress in those days was not perseptable from generation to generation or even over the space of thousands of years. It took hundreds of thousands of years to move beyond those immaculate Acheulean axes so eloquently described by the late Denis Dutton ( Innovation is gradual and not sudden. Eureka moments are rare.


Eureka moments may be rare but small incremental steps can pave the way for big breakthroughs. It is of interest to ponder when did we become Homo Sapiens? The reality is that it did not happen overnight. We like to set a definite time scale to specific events but this rests an illusion in practice. We do, for example, give the transition from adolescence to adulthood a specific date and this often eighteen years of age in many societies. This is primarily for the sake of convenience but the reality is that things work via incremental iterative processes and your existence on this planet functions that way too.


Now you can facilitate this process. Things don’t tend to happen in isolation so it is hardly surprising that our most innovative and creative minds tend to work from or close to big cities.

Before the European invaders committed the attrocious genocide of the Aboriginals in Tasmania, they had hardly changed in over 60,000 years. In fact there is some evidence that they actually lost some of their technological capacities. This is because they became a small isolated community cut off from the mainland when there was a change in sea level and Tasmania became an island cut off from the mainland by what is now termed the Bass Strait.. 


Things may change in the future because with the internet we can remain connected in our isolation. These connections are of course crucial to our development as a species. There may be good reasons why the adolescent should seek out the best university for them, which will most frequently reside in or near a big metropolis. The very hubs where those with enhanced networking skills can advance their development at a quicker pace than that of the status quo.


So don’t make the 31st of December mistake. This is when millions of your fellow homosapiens make promises to give up smoking or lose 20K overnight. Of course within a month the vast majority of them have already given up. This is because they have not come to terms with the fact that things generally don’t work like that. If you want to succeed then you have a much better chance if you make an adjacent move to relevant small steps


Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, get yourself connected to some smart creative minds and things might start to happen for you. You could start right here with e5-portfolio.


If you ever do get that Eureka moment then consider it a bonus but do not plan your life waiting for it.


Written by Stephen Preece 

Sardinia, Italy

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