From Date - Nov 19, 2020

Ethics of the moment

Change is upon us. The question is: Are you ready for it?
Change has never really been an option but with the pace of things in previous era's many did not notice the changes from one generation to the next. Those days are long since gone and the issues facing us are no longer just local or even national they are global. This can be easily exemplified by Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and behind that systemic issues leading to social inequity compounded by the biggest problem to face us all Climate Change. This might and should feel a little daunting to the youth of today, but there is no longer time for further procrastination. We all understand that change can be challenging but it can be managed and now is the moment to meet the challenge.

Covid 19 mask with student art


We at e5-portfolio have constructed an equitable and inclusive company with a flat management structure. Put simply we value our differences whilst coming together around our mission, we have few titles, and no bosses. We take the time to support and train our faculty alongside our members. We believe that there is strength in diversity and this is reflected in the profiles of our e5-team. We are always looking to eradicate bias and support just causes. We value the feedback from not only faculty but our members and respond accordingly.

Here at e5-portfolio we have faith in education as the answer to the world's problems. It is only by educating on scale that we will have the collective impetus to ride the wave of change. It is for this reason that we have developed our Online Programme. We are aware that our pricing might be exclusive and are looking to develop through sponsorship and partnerships to the point where the education we offer becomes accessible to all.

In the meantime we will continue to strengthen our non discriminatory policies and action based commitments as we grow. e5-learning is designed as a stress free and supportive learning environment where we prepare for the unknown and do not waste time testing the known.

e5-student working
Finally it is in an inclusive, non declarative education we trust. From this base we can all arm ourselves with tools which will help us build socially
equitable, sustainable platforms for living and learning.

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Creativity is no longer an option, it's a life skill,

The e5-Art Portfolio Team

Stephen Preece, e5-art portfolio Founder 

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