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Life Hacks: High Performance, No Stress

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Improve your time management
It is easy to overlook how precious time is when you are young. In fact, it is your most precious attribute. Time might seem long when spent in that really boring class but why do you think that old people say that “time fly’s”. It is no joke each minute is precocious and every second over which you have any control should be put to good purpose. If not, you will live to regret it.

Get your calendar to work for you
There can no longer be any excuses for being late or missing appointments. You can now, in the space of five minutes, arrange your calendar so that you can use your time efficiently. This will impact greatly on your performance and other people’s perception of you.

Keep fit for purpose
It is astounding but most people do not keep their brains fully hydrated. If we cannot look after our own brains there is little chance of dealing with the bigger issues that we all face, such as climate change. Just for the record we should drink around 2 litres of water per day. So keep yourself hydrated, well-nourished and in good shape both physically and mentally. If you are struggling in any respect, then ask for help. Here at e5 it is the mentors’ role to discuss such issues with you and develop strategies to deal with any issues which may be impacting upon your wellbeing and performance.

Separate work from play
Don’t let things get blurred. Although the right job might feel like play, it is still a job and it is wrong to confuse it with your own personal downtime. This is especially important when working from home. Much is made of adults working from home but of course most students do too.

Allocate down time
You will go nuts if you do not set some time aside each day for doing nothing. This does not need to be hours, 20 min a day will do. In fact, you will not be doing nothing but you will be relaxing and allowing your brain time to digest the data it has been accumulating. This is best done by not focusing on any thought, meditation or wellness techniques can of course help facilitate this process.

Take things one step at a time
Multi-tasking reduces our general performance sharply. We can only work close to our optimum when focused on one thing. This does not mean that you only do one thing, it simply means that you do not do them at the same time. You would not try to play football and basketball and the same time so don’t try doing your homework whilst answering text messages.

Dress to impress
Be yourself whilst making sure that you are presentable for that interview, or client. This is just as relevant in these days of digital communication. Beware of what is on camera and present yourself well at all times. Never lounge around in pyjamas all day….unless it’s a day planned for doing nothing.

Be nice to everyone
Afford everyone respect even though some may do little to merit it. Do not look for fights, just be pleasant, consistent and firm. People in all walks of life will respect you for it. Do not waste your time trying to change others. It is easier and more effective to play the role of the mentor and others will follow.

Track your performance
At the end of each week check that you have done most of what you set out to do. If not, why not? Is the checklist of things to do too ambitious? Or is there another reason for you coming in under par? Whatever the reason a good mentor could help you develop clear coping strategies.

Find a great mentor
I once asked my son “what was the question I should have asked you when you were younger and never did?”. His reply was very kind but then he thought a little and went further in his reply. He said that it would have been so much easier if he had had a great mentor at work instead of having to find his own way in the industry which he chose. This is coming from someone who got his target job, that of buyer in a large Fashion company, within five years of leaving university.

Keep connected
You need a wide, diverse and strong network of good and competent people. Here at e5 membership is for life and therefore members are encouraged to network amongst themselves before reaching out to alumni and beyond into their chosen industries.

If you want to know more about our mentoring programme and networking possibilities then book an appointment for your FREE 30 minute chat with one of our expert faculty.

Written by Stephen Preece 
Geneva Switzerland

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