From Date - Aug 02, 2020

Now e5-art portfolio prep course ONLINE

After the outstanding success of e5-art portfolio over the last two years, we are now going ONLINE with our 15-week programme.

rocket launch e5-portfolio

We are looking to recreate the Art hub feel of Espace 5 - our space here in Geneva  for our online membership. This will mean that alongside your mentor, coach, and uni support there will be lots of ways that you can network and communicate with other members across the globe e.g. social media platforms, crits., webinars, etc.e5-portfolio 5 step processSo for the young creative, you get that art university experience right in your own working space/home wherever you are in the world.

You will be able to connect with us via Skype, live stream on YouTube, and meet up via Zoom webinars. You will get to share and compare your artwork with other students on the e5 Facebook forum. So if you are the young creative why not be … the architect of your own future.

Register here for your free 30 min call with one of our top mentors

The e5 faculty is a diverse team of experts with a range of skill sets aligned with oceans of experience. Amongst the e5 faculty, we count the newly qualified graphic artist from Central Saint Martins, London, to those approaching the age of wisdom who have spent a lifetime working with young creatives.