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By the end of this intensive 10hr course you will have:

  • mapped past, present and future
  • identified your passion
  • looked at university choices
  • mapped your portfolio
  • designed and executed a project
  • presented and defended your work
  • developed your knowledge base
  • improved your transferable skills

Take charge of your future with our Onsite or Online program, leading to top universities such as CSM, AA, Parsons etc... in areas such as Architecture, Fashion, Film, Graphics etc.

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I came into e5 a complete mess. Having basically failed my IB, confused as to who I wanted to become and clueless as to what I was capable of. During this course many things were unlocked within me that I didn’t realise I had. In my artistry and in my personal life. One year ago Stephen Preece has made a promise to my mother that he was going to take in a boy and give back a man. That is exactly what he did. He, as well as my other mentors believed in me when there was absolutely no reason to and helped me find myself after being told too many times that I was a failure. That is what e5 did to me, my life has changed in the most real way and I will never forget that.

- William


During his final high school year at ECOLINT Geneva, our son Christian signed up for the e5-portfolio program to boost his portfolio forgetting accepted at a selective choice of preferred art universities in Europe.Thanks to the invaluable support of Stephen and the team, he developed his style significantly further and refined a professional portfolio, which unlocked him a place at his top-ranked university. I highly recommend e5-portfolio preparation in view of planning to study art or design. 

- Markus Albert


At e5-portfolio I was able to acknowledge my weaknesses and work on them. The team gave me the tools that I needed to become the best version of myself, and taught me real-life skill sets that I’m using on a daily basis .I’d recommend the course to everyone, not only creatives because it’s a program that builds people and not just portfolios. It’s a journey that will help you discover the right path for you and unleash your best self.

- Celesta